Dangers of the Sea. This is the epitome of my fantasy fascination love of the mysteries of the deep dark sea.

That’s Why I Dislike The Sea

Kaiju Design Challenge entry by juliedillon monster beast creature animal…

I Will Miss You...Thank You For Making Me Feel The Way I Do...I Love You And I Am Grateful For The Pain.  Good Bye My Love...

In Greek mythology, the sirens were dangerous and beautiful creatures, portrayed as femmes fatales who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island.

Nuestras acciones son manejadas muchas veces por personas que nos manejan como sus marionetas.

John Kenn Mortensen Ilustrador de figuras truculentas como son monstruos, fantasmas o demonios de temores infantiles.

Creepy SCP monsters by Cinemamind

Creepy SCP monsters by Cinemamind

Demons in my head. But I wonder, are they enemies or friends?

Night terror- a sleep disorder characterized by high arousal and a appearance of being terrified; unlike nightmares, night terrors occur in stage are seldom remembered

Reasons I fear the ocean #18.

Album of sea monsters I have built over the past year

grievers maze runner - Buscar con Google

Face me, your worst nightmare; ArtStation - The Maze Runner - Creature Designs & Concept Arts, Ken Barthelmey

Art illustration - { Prehistoric Animals }

Spinosaurus may be the larges Theropod to ever stalk the Prehistoric Americas and believed to be even larger than T-Rex. Recently (late it was determined to be the first and only known aquatic dinosaur.