YES!!!!!! This is soooo true

tbh my music taste is so hard to describe like it’s literally everything except for the songs I don’t like and a couple artists I don't like

Key of (not convert) b on a c flat instrument. I think...

Key of (not convert) b on a c flat instrument. what the heck though?

musical humor.

Gotta love music humor… my dad was an amazing musician. I had to recall what sheet music said with the help of these puns. Looks like it's time to hit the books.

There's no way I am going to count that

25 Problems Only People Who Have Played In A School Orchestra Will Understand- flutes never have that many rests

Problem viola players don't have ( our main clef is somewhat easy)

Haydn e Bach dei dilettanti, Beethoven spiccio. This collection of treble clefs that will make you feel better about drawing your own.

Dear printers, these are finger notations, not chord notations ...

Well, it'd be nice to grow an extra finger to play Bach, but, unfortunately, that has not happened to me yet. So I'm going to have think up another fingering.

Most insulting thing to say to someone in orchestra

Most insulting thing to say to someone in orchestra. It's a general rule that band and orchestra are rivals. (and basses too I guess, the cellos just suck, but the violas are fine too.

I would love this clock. Just give it to me now. Smart musician's clock. "what time is it? well its always time to play!"

Telling time with music<-- being an orchestra nerd (or, as kids at my school sadly call us, orch dorks) 3 o clock should be a dotted half-note, not a half note and a quarter note.

We started a "classical music appreciation class" Friday. It was awesome.but I can't remember the name of the songs.

It's worse when the director is with the sops.....they had the Damn melody.....

Especially for the clarinets in our band because the director NEVER works on us. It's always trumpets and trombones and baritones and tenor saxes - why do we have to be so perfect?>>> In our orchestra cellos were those little bitches

Orchestra Problems...

The most awesome images on the Internet

In the middle of playing and you look like an idiot with your shoulder raised up. LOL pretty much the worst thing that can happen to you whilst in concert.

In the middle of playing my shoulder rest popped off and i looked like a retard trying to put it back on while playing XD