Look deep, deep, deep into nature, and then you will understand everything. ~Albert Einstein

Week in Wildlife: Tree with heart-shape knothole - A young plant sprouts out of a heart-shaped knothole in a Tilia tree in Lieberose, Germany Patrick Pleul/EPA

Lạnh nghìn năm lạnh thịt da Đêm đêm thức giấc chờ ta gặp mình  Vui gì giọt nắng bình minh Vui gì chim hót vô tình mỉa mai .....

(image trouvée sur Pinterest) + O + - le blog du goumy

Pretty heart kitty! I don't care what this link is about really. I just love that little heart. How adorable!

How to Decode Your Cat's Behavior

What a beautiful cat! See the heart shape stripes on his chest. How sweet.

Baking Love!!! yes yes yesss! las ideas k me da fatima´s church bombas megatomicassss

Many times I would see mom in the kitchen with her rolling pin.baking something.

Hearts in nature - The blog has several unique natural heart pictures.

Hearts in Nature: A Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt


Heart cherry stem with two lady bugs. lady bugs in love. that sounds weird. LADY bugs in love?

A Whole Lotta Love photo of heart shaped beach stone collection by heart2heartdesign on Etsy, $7.00

A Whole Lotta Love photo of heart shaped beach stone collection by on Etsy

<3 Larimar Heart

Larimar heart shaped cabochon, impressive big AAA turtle back volcanic turquoise blue Larimar gem - 159.0 ct

Larimar heart -- I really admire the larimar crystal because it looks like it has water ripples :) Steen van de Dominicaanse republiek

a drop in the ocean, a change in the weather. i was hoping that you & i might end up together <3

Endings Bring New Beginnings !!!

Heart rocks. I look for them constantly! Actually found a rock that looks like a real human heart once.

I collect heart shaped rocks so this picture caught my eye immediately. So lovely and natural.like love xo Natural! Naturaly Heart shaped stones, handpicked by me from a beautiful beach of the Mediterranean sea in Israel. Those stones are ar…

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