Recycled Tractor Tire Pond

Recycled Tractor Tire Pond

If you want to have refreshing simmer moments this period, than the best solution for you will be to incorporate a water feature. Our suggestion today, tha

This is pretty! Too bad it's so dusty here. That would all turn brown in a heartbeat.

Ill probably do this to be eco freindly and save water. And its pretty How to Make Your Garden Water-Free This is what I want on the west side of my house. But it's full sun. Anyone know who these kinds of plants do here in Utah?

Stone this!

The rock chair. This would be awesome to have in the front yard as one walks up to the house, two rock chairs with a little rock table in between.

It's a simple idea, but so effective, especially when using a vibrant color like this.

Backyard Landscaping Ideas For A Gorgeous Retreat

Blue Lobelia spilling out of the planter. suttonbend Blue Lobelia spilling out of the planter. Blue Lobelia spilling out of the planter.

Dig into your first garden adventure with these 10 basic tips.

Follow These 10 Steps to a Magnificent Garden

When you’re ready to plant your first garden, turn to this gardening for beginners guide. It includes helpful tips on growing flowers or vegetables for the first time. - Garden Tips and Tricks

Contemporary Planters for Outdoor and Indoor Garden Accessories Design Ideas by Marie Khouri 2

Contemporary Planters Design for Outdoor and Indoor Garden Accessories by Marie Khouri

How to Landscape a Parking Strip Without Grass | INSTALL-IT-DIRECT

Dymonida ground cover with succulents. Ok in stepping areas. Aeonium nobile and Dymonida margaratae - modern - landscape - by David Feix Landscape Design

I would love to do this if only the critters I share my backyard with wouldn't eat it.

Designing With Succulents: Pattern, Repetition & Color