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Fantastic Food Chain illustration! Now this a science poster I'd frame for the wall.

rachelignotofsky: “ My new art print is up on etsy. Learning about the food chain is important to understanding our ecosystem! The sun fuels the plants that feeds the animals who eventually decompose.

Cindy Crawford Home Gray Barton Springs 7 Pc Sectional Living Room .2499.99. Find affordable Sectionals for your home that will complement the rest of your furniture. #iSofa #roomstogo

Cindy Crawford Home Barton Springs Gray 6 Pc Sectional x x Find affordable Sectional Living Rooms for your home that will complement the rest of your furniture.

Maniac Magee Project

Maniac Magee, Jerry Spinelli, Novel Study Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli! This project can be completed by students either while they read the story or after completion of Maniac Magee.

Backyard nature discovery bottles or sensory bottles for kids to make as specimen bottles for Spring science and sensory play. Explore the outdoors and for a fun Spring activity to check out growing plants and budding trees.

Given bottles, student will be able to collect different types of planes and place them into the bottles. Given an information sheet of different plants, students will be able to identify the different types of plants.