Exo-K Birthdays : Suho, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, D.O., Kai, Sehun

Omo my birthday is of January! I'm 8 yrs and 1 day younger than Jongin-ah~ the feels!

Exo-M : Birthdays : I will never tell you which one, but I share a birthday with one of the Oppas :)

Exo-M : Birthdays : Kris, Xiumin, Luhan, Lay, Chen and Tao

Cara, sério Eu Amooo o EXO, eles são incríveis, super talentoso, as coisinhas mais lindas do universo todoo, meu tudo, meu mundo, minha vida... amo todas as músicas deles, do primeiro lançamento ao último, amo todas, amo tudo o que eles fazem... sério... EXO pisa menooos seus lindos ♡♡

EXO Tepkileri

Pay attention on 19..... His weakness....

Cute Kpop Boys on

this pretty much sums up what I learned while watching EXO showtime lol

ok from now on my favorite number is 12 ... no it's 61 .... nope actually it's 68 .... okk I give up I have 12 favorite numbers :p

EXO- What Your Favorite Number? Me: 7 (Luhan) Sweet! fellow EXO-L Mine is Kai! Who's Next:) my fav number is 12 so I got kyungsoo lol idc I love all of them

School with EXO.. I took all the subject they've learned.. nearly subs~ Top subject is about NATURE~ EXO is Science to me~

School with EXO. I took all the subject they've learned. nearly subs~ Top subject is about NATURE~ EXO is Science to me~

list of powers Is whip money out of the ether on the list yet?

The Power World - •Chapter One•

- unlikely friendship (frost + fire) - power friendship (wind + fire) - common friendship (lightning + light)

♡ EXO ♡

I remember when I was new to EXO I couldn't even tell all the members apart when I saw they in whole, now their lips is all I need ^^

i am trying so hard to understan who is who from exo in this fanart but... i can't >-< i have only found the obvious ones...but anyway it is cute

Que incrível,que obra de arte Claramente eu sou o Kai

I love these boys. I always will, no matter how many of them are left in Exo. I will support them through every and anything. We are one. Through every hardship, we will always be one. Exo-Ls, we need to be there for them. No matter what happens, WE ARE ONE. EXO, FIGHTING! WE'RE HERE FOR YOU, CHEERING YOU ON FOREVER AND EVER! <3

Of course Baozi has a cat and AB Style Panda is shooting us😆😳💖


E Os Namoradinho? - 083

Vai ter fotos , memes , GIFs , horóscopo e tudo que tenha kpop no mei… #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad

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