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a table topped with lots of different types of nail polish and other things on top of it
Quarantine Photo Series — DUREEN TRUONG | Set Designer & Stylist
a woman's legs sticking out of a pink toilet in a bathroom with blue tiles
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Black & White
a drawing of a man standing on one leg with his foot in the air and dripping blood all around him
a woman sitting at a table reading a book
'(after Miller)'.2017 (Numéro France)
a woman with curlers on her head holding a phone to her ear and looking at the camera
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Fur Fashion: Photo
two hands holding a bowl with bread in it and another hand reaching for the bowl
curated by Julie de la Playa
a woman sitting on the back of a black horse wearing a straw hat and dress
Mara Lazaridou for Anel Fashion with Alisha Safo | Fashion Editorials