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This represents crime. "I slunk off in the direction of the cocktail table---the place in the garden where a single man could linger without looking pose less and alone"(42). "Somebody told me they thought he killed a man once"(44). "In the ditch beside the road...rested a new coupe which had left Gatsby's drive not two minutes before. The sharp jut of a wall accounted for the detachment of the wheel..."(53).

How to Pair Beer and Food. Get to know beer better with this helpful guide that highlights the unique qualities and flavors of each type of brew. Then, learn which party foods best complement each one.

This represents noise. "Don't talk so loud. Your acting like a little boy."(88). "After making every possible noise in the kitchen, short of pushing over the stove---but I don't believe they heard a sound."(89). "I felt like there were guests concealed behind every couch and table, under orders to be breathlessly silent until we had passed through"(91).

My three year old won't stop saying "I can't" lately. It is super aggrivating. I'm talking ANNOYING. Every time she says it, she believes it, and most of the time it's not true. Most of the time she has everything tht she needs to succeed: knowledge,