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Sopressata and Provolone Italian Pressed Sandwiches This Italian pressed sandwiches look so tempting! We just love the wrapping idea, but we also love the fact they are made with ciabatta bread. Adding some basil will really bring out the Italian feel…

Nasi Goreng

A vegetarian version of a South-East Asian dish, Nasi Goreng. Served with a fried egg and Ketchup Manis, this is just perfect for Meatless Mondays.

Nasi Bakar Ayam Teri Nasi

Indonesian cuisine Simply Cooking and Baking. Grilled chicken rice and anchovy in banana leaves

Tahu Aci Tegal

Tahu Aci from Tegal, Central Java. It's a fried tofu, stuffed with tapioca flour, marinated garlic and chopped scallion. It's tasty and chewy!