Alfons Tefa

Alfons Tefa

Semua berawal dari keterbatasan dan ketidak pastian... Yang bisa memenangkannya adalah sang pemenang..
Alfons Tefa
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These strongly independent people have a talent for analyzing and formulating complex theories.

Motto: Can improve on anything (Source) Description: (Source) INTJs are analytical. Like INTPs, they are most comfortable working alone and tend to be.

My love.......

Saudade (n.) a nostalgic longing to be near agin to something or someone that is distant, or that has been loved and then lost; "The love that remains" portuguese. oh how i love portuguese.

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Rock bottom has built more heroes than privilege - So true. Unfortunately most of our interns are from privilege and they are supposed to help our rock bottom kiddos. Not sure how well it will work.

The 30 Things Customers Really Value - Harvard Business Review

When customers evaluate a product or service, they weigh its perceived value against the asking price. 30 “elements of value”—fundamental attributes in their most essential and discrete forms.

INTJ: actually, my emotions are OVERdeveloped to a point that I am sensitive to the slightest change and too honest about how I feel. I've learned not to be so honest to protect you from my intensity.

INTJ - Feelings & Emotions Probably the most accurate thing I've ever read that describes me. And I'm an intj