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Наруч, фиксирующий запястье Делался в пару к часам. Заказчик не захотел покупать ортопедическую полуперчатку. Хотел чтоб она сочеталась с часами.

Shorter wrist section. Possibly made of tough but flexible cloth for easy movement with soft leather on the palm Same color as jerkin and hood and belt and boots.

medieval men's pants w/ gusset

medieval men's pants w/ gusset - okay, so not technically Norse/Viking, but the pieces seem easy enough.

The patterns to follow are for a leg armour of the early fourteenth century, but they are also ideal for hidden armour, that is, armour designed to be worn under fabric. Hidden leg armour is useful for making combat-safe armours for those periods when leg armour was not worn, for instance a viking or late period landskeneckt.

Building your own Armour Part A Century Leg Harness - The Principality of Insulae Draconis

Well-dressed Rus hooligans

Scandinavian Viking Mens costumes historical-events-costume-making-hairdressing-jewe

SCA Gorget http://wea-holding.com/images/sca-gorget

SCA Gorget http://wea-holding.com/images/sca-gorget

Crafty Agatha: Newest Lengberg Bra

Crafty Agatha: Newest Lengberg Bra - she's working with B.Nutz and examined the extant bra