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Abby W56
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Home made snow globe!!!!! mason jar, glitter, glue, water, and a cute little figurine! Great for older kids!

Make DIY snow globes. This easy and awesome craft is great to do during the winter months! This DIY snow globe is great a small gift for the holidays. All you need is a mason jar, water, water proof super glue, a small figure, and glitter.

Frugal Ideas and Crafts- cheap and free: Sharpies! Free and Cheap craft ideas with Sharpie Markers

Austin Kleon creates poetry by blanking out words from books, newspapers, horoscopes. This one is 'Overheard on the Titanic: I mean, yes, we’re sinking … but the music is exceptional' Beautiful.

The Next Big Thing: Blackout Poetry

Austin Kleon adds to history’s finest definitions of art in another brilliant blackout poem from his Newspaper Blackout project.