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Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower is back together - Life works in mysterious ways but when you find your inner glow is back and shining brighter, you know it’s right.

'Shining brighter than ever': Lily told her fans she had found her 'inner glow' once again after rekindling her romance with her former co-star

How To Find Your Chuck Bass | Her Campus--8. Along with that, they saw the good in each other as well. Your Chuck Bass will encourage you to be the best version of yourself and support you when you’re feeling down. 9. Lastly, don’t settle if he doesn’t treat you like a princess. Chuck Bass would go to extreme lengths just to make Blair smile. Remember when he rigged the votes at prom so she’d be queen? Awww.

GOSSIP GLEE: Prom Paralels Anyone else see the paralels between Gossip Girl and Glee in last episode? In Gossip Girl “Valley Girls” Chuck swapped the votes and made Blair Prom queen. Why Chuck.

Ah! Just like best friends should be!

I want my hair to look like Blake's right now. seriously how does is look that beautiful and effortless. :( Leighton Meester and Blake Lively A.A Blair and Serena. My fashion and makeup obsessions

Peter deserves that so much

Peter deserves that so much I was disappointed that they didn't add the peace serum after the fight ~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~

Some girls like to wear make up and heels, but we feel prettiest in our workout gear. Show off your confidence at the gym and on the pavement with this tank from Activate Apparel.

Some girls like to wear make up and heels but you feel prettiest in your workout gear. show off you love of your fit look when you are working out at the gym in this fitness design that says "I Feel Prettiest With My Hair Up And My Running Shoes On".