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Just when you think  you’ve read everything you possibly can about WW11 something new like THE WOMEN IN THE CASTLE by Jessica Shattuck comes along. The blurbs about this story say it’s …

Three women, haunted by the past and the secrets they holdSet at the end of World War II, in a crumbling Bavarian castle that once played host to all of.

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Pretending to Dance: A Novel by Diane Chamberlain

Pretending to Dance by Diane Chamberlain. As a grown up Molly is about to adopt a baby. But her childhood haunts her with memories of her own adoptive mom and of her mom's involvement in her father's death.

My Name Is Lucy Barton: A Novel by Elizabeth Strout

Lucy Barton is recovering slowly from what should have been a simple operation. Her mother, to whom she hasn’t spoken for many years, comes to see her. Just below the surface lie the tension and longing that have informed every aspect of Lucy’s life:

Little Bee: A Novel by Chris Cleave

Little Bee by Chris Cleave is about two women who meet unexpectedly on a beach. Little Bee is a Nigerian refugee and Sarah is a British magazine editor. Use these book club discussion questions on Little Bee to lead your reading group into the novel.

Goodreads Mover & Shaker November 2013

The folks in Joshilyn Jackson’s sixth novel, Someone Else’s Love Story, are in all kinds of trouble, but they don’t know it right away. The catalyst for