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Twenty One Pilots

The lyrics are from the song "Truce" off of the album Vessel by Twenty One Pilots (TØP).

This is everything

so I told someone yesterday that I listen to "screamo ukulele rap" bc it was relevant to the conversation and he goes "I understood that reference" << KEEP HIM

time pinnin' this! it's so sweet tho

Okay, friend?                                                              (Kitchen Sink // Twenty Øne Piløts)

Twenty One Pilots - Kitchen Sink; Okay, Friend?

twenty one pilots, fake you out <<< erm... Holding Onto You*

Fight jt, take the pain, ignite it. Tie a noose around your mind, loose enough to breath fine and tie it to a tree. Tell it "You belong to me"

tyler joseph // josh dun // twenty one pilots

tyler joseph // josh dun // twenty one pilots


"Trapdoor" - Twenty One Pilots

☼☾P i n t e r e s t: @MelodyForHope

Tyler from twenty one pilots and wife

Josh and tyler...ain't that sweet....

Tyler wake up my fren