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Soooooooooo gothic!  When i was talking about colored lips i didn't mean this.  Unless you are a goth girl extreme never go to school like this!

Quoting from the previous pinned "I have a strange love for black lipstick. I'm not goth, emo, or punk, I just find it sexy." I conquer, perhaps black is the new red: for lips.

How Can I Get My Health Insurance to Pay for Mental Health Treatment?

Proper nutrition can treat and reverse vision problems. In his book "The Eye Care Revolution," ophthalmologist Dr. Abel lists the Top Ten Foods for Sight.

Tydliga linjer som bryts oväntat gillar jag. Att väggen närmst oss i bilden inte har fönster känns förstås otroligt märkligt.

:: ARCHITECTURE :: adore the bold structure. William O’brien Jr: Twins – Houses In Five Parts, August 2011 Published by Denis Kovalev. Marchesini headquarters, Saint Mesmes France, by LAN Architecture

© Takeshi Komada Architects: Komada Architects' Office Location: Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan Architects: Takeshi Komada, Yuka Komada Consultant: Yamabe.

Built by Komada Architects' Office in Edogawa, Japan with date Images by Takeshi Komada. LW house is a residence for the three-person family located at east side of Tokyo. The building long and slender is.