Abigail Alfarisi

Abigail Alfarisi

Abigail Alfarisi
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One Direction <<<< zayn Beyoncé malik haha get it cause the one on the tip is Beyoncé!!! No... Ok then! :(

omg haha but so true i couldnt stand practicing like a normal band

Oh my gosh! I saw the interview today and I could literally not breath. I was laughing SOOOO hard!!!! :'D

Haha Harry and Niall you cheeky turnips!

Dude me and my friend are always sitting there laughing. Here lemme explain, at the end of the day (; we have health and then science. So the teacher in health is funny so we r laughing our heads off and then in science we laugh at everything and have the dumbest conversations. My friend always likes to say our science teacher knows our true nature. -Shahreena

Me and my friend laugh at literally everything in our math and science classes. We are like Niall in those classes and everybody gets annoyed, but we dont care

So true

Look at Harry acting all weird as usual and then Zayns just there like vas' happinin ! Omg this is so true!

"Hola somos one direction" Y tu eres una directioner porque leiste esto con sus voces, pinealo si tu tambien lo hiciste jejeje

Haha yep, guilty is charged!

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Beauty Above Us - Space Pictures

I always thought optical illusion stuff was interesting, and this is kind of cool.

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Hijab look, formal, hari raya

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