Sambal Kecap (Sweet Soy Dipping Sauce)  Recipe

Sambal Kecap (Sweet Soy Dipping Sauce)

Sambal Kecap (Sweet Soy Dipping Sauce) This sweet, thick, soy sauce is spiced with chiles and shallots.

Sambal Badjak

I cannot imagine my life and cooking without sambal. It’s the most-often used condiment in our house. I have a wide array of sambals in my fridge, ranging anywhere from an extremely hot Surinamese …

Sambal Goreng Daging - Beef in Chili and Spice Paste

The most famous sambal goreng dish is probably sambal goreng hati, but I am not a big fan of liver or any other kind of entrails for that matter, so the next best thing (which to me is a huge step better :D) is to make sambal goreng daging with …

Sambal petai

Sambal tumis petai

This sambal is actually mum's version. You can replace the french onion (bawang bakung) with bombay onion (bawang merah besar) or shallots (bawang merah biasa). Can be prepared the day before you make your nasi lemak.

sambel goreng terasi

Indonesian fried sambal paste with shrimp paste - sambel goreng terasi.

Sambal Serai Udang

Sambal Serai Udang Recipe (Prawns Lemongrass Sambal) By Indonesia Eats – May 2010