GADO GADO Gado gado is an Indonesian salad which consists mostly of boiled or blanched vegetables accompanied by a sweet and spicy peanut dressing, similar to but not as rich as satay sauce. Food you've to try in Indonesia.

Sate Lilit or Balinese chicken sate

Balinese Chicken Sate (Sate Lilit Ayam) - Very clever presentation. Adds height and interest to a type of dish that can sometimes be boring on the plate.

Bubur Ayam - #IndonesianFood #makanan #Indonesia

Bubur Ayam - One of the Most Famous Bubur ayam, Indonesian Breakfast, Chicken Porridge!

Deep fried stuffed tofu (Tahu isi) is a snack made from tofu stuffed with variants vegetables such cabbage, carrots and bean sprouts.

Indonesian deep fried stuffed tofu (Tahu isi), an addicted snack that Lip-smacking and so much fun to make it at home!