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counting coins are fun for kids to play with
Plastic Easter Egg Crafts and Games for Toddlers - Activities For Kids
Plastic Easter Egg Crafts and Games for Toddlers - Activities For Kids
five math games to play with uno cards
5 Math Games To Play with UNO Cards - Primary Playground
5 Math Games To Play with UNO Cards #math #mathgames #cardgames #kindergarten #summergames
the fun and easy times tables for kids to play with are perfect for learning numbers
Mastering Multiplication!
11 Fun Ways to Teach Times Tables! Mastering multiplication facts is such an important skill in elementary. If students can master the basics, all other math concepts are so much easier to learn. Check out these engaging, effective and fun ways to build strong foundational skills for future learning.
four different types of playing cards with the words times tables
Card Turnover Math Game
printable checks for kids with soccer balls on them and the words,'freebie check
Printable Checks for Students - Customize and Print
FREE printable checks for kids that you can customize. Add an image, child's name and bank information. These are play checks and should use made up information. Great tool for teachers or parents.
a red and blue plastic clock with numbers on the face sits on a yellow surface
Paper Plate Clocks Round-Up and Telling Time Resources
teaching time using 2 paper plates
an apple worksheet with the words appleseed math
Appleseed math!
two toothbrushes are sitting on the wall next to a basket and other items
Adding Fun
A fun way to encourage addition math skills with cups and paper towel or toilet paper rolls.
jellybean math is on a plate next to a sheet of paper and some candy
Jellybean Math
Jellybean Math | Mama Miss #learningfun #homeschool #preschoolmath #candy #halloween
two wooden pegs with numbers on them sitting on top of a wood table next to each other
Anne Gardner's Educational Resources
Such a cool (and simple) idea!