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This is 2016 Brand new pre wedding photo shoot package of Spazio studio which has just released. This new concept of Spazio studio's pre wedding photography is more romantic and looks like date snap style with vintage colorful photoshoot. Compared with other studios, Spazio studio have feature of their garden and rooftop set in the building. As you can see the sample of Love Recipe, if you prepare your own couple clothes with your partner, you will take variety concepts with spazio's unique…

Today, I am sharing BAI WEI couples's Final pre wedding photoshoot by Moonlight Scooter studio! When we compared with original photoshoot it felt a little bit different but the when I viewed final compilation album and photo frame, it looks so much gorgeous.Moonlight scooter have become one of the most popular studios that you have to book with very soon! As you can see Tan Sing Nan's photos, every single one of their pictures is so lovable and well composed. All their pictures were taken…

화사하고 로맨틱해진 이번 화보는 센트스튜디오는 기존에 가지고 있는 차분하면서 클랙식한 분위기를 한결 여성스럽게 변화를 했답니다 ^^ 거울 앞에서의 여성의 모습은 센트스튜디오 만의 특별한 느낌처럼 느껴지는 스튜디오 대표 사진입니다. 여성스러우면서 화사해진 이번 샘플을 만나 보실까요 ~

Korea Pre-Wedding Photoshoot - » New sample Wonkyu Korea wedding photo


Korea Pre-Wedding Photoshoot - » Korea Pre-Wedding Photoshoots

Korea Pre-Wedding Photoshoot - » Korea pre wedding studio - W studio.