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Contrasting green sweatshirt and yellow socks peeking from under rolled up jeans.

Roaring 20s centerpieces. Perfect for a Great Gatsby birthday party

Flapper Headband,1920s Head Piece, Art Deco Headband, Ivory Peacock Feather, Black Ostrich Plumes, Black Sequins, Veil, Great Gatsby on Etsy, $125.00

Pre or post-service activity idea.....use again another time as a photo booth for family picture night

Have a small stage for people to reserve a time to perform maybe jut to sing with some instruments just not to loud

Photo backdrop DIY for the corner of a room change to match theme but love the corner idea.

Ivory Peacock Feather, Pearls,, 1920s Flapper Headband, Hair Accessory, Great Gatsby, Costume Headpiece

Historical Accuracy Reincarnated - arsenicinshell: Muna Nazak Photography