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The 1500 most frequently used Chinese characters. Mandarin Chinese character frequency list.

The 1500 most frequently used Mandarin Chinese characters. Mystery of History Volume Lessons 92

Chinese Swear Words

Chinese Insults and Swear words for that special someone you just don't like that much. Chinese Insults and Chinese Swear words.

DOWNLOAD the audio & a pdf transcript for this video here: #chinesephrases #learnchinese #chinesevideolessons #mandarinhq #chineselanguage #hanyu #badnews

Learn how to respond to bad news in Mandarin Chinese.

To have a better preview of the Chinese characters, zoom in this page (Ctrl + ++)If you found any mistakes below, please contact us via comments.Any questions, leave comments.Thank you! Goodluck fo...

Madarin Chinese basic vocabulary and words. Great for learn the Chinese language at home.