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i can just imagine this happening as eizzil is thinking about the past, questioning her choice, wondering if she was betraying enna by doing this, wondering if her heart was right. she can keep from sniffling, and then jamal comes and comforts her.

Forget Engagement Photos — This At-Home Newlywed Shoot Is So Much Better!

I still love you btw. And I miss us talking everyday. I get on here and look for your posts multiple time everyday. Nothing I told you I felt has changed.

+❤ Primadona Kitty Berpuaka : The Hello Kitty Bride !! ❤+: :: W-Day Idea > TIssue Balls ::

Paper Ball Chandeliers by Martha Stewart: Easily made with premade honeycomb tissue balls. --> in combination with paper lanterns @ reception, perhaps?

PoEMa BAt SOiLik

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Jason Hering’s Loft was designed by Renee Arns Stylist & Interior Designer in It is located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, and has an industrial feel that is nevertheless very elegant and stylish. Photos courtesy of Renee Arns Stylist & Interior Designer