God is Great |الله اكبر | I would love to have this as wall art

Allahu Akbar calligraphy “الله أكبر” “God is the Greatest” From the collection: IslamicArtDB

"Allahumma shoyyiban nafi’an” [ yaa Allah turunkanlah pada kami hujan yang bermanfaat ] (HR. Bukhari no. 1032)

Always the best time for dua.reminder of tranquility, peace and sustenance by the Almighty in every rain drop :)

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The couple who pray together, stay together love quotes life quotes life pray religion quotes god quotes

♡♥A.R.♥♡ Trust Allah..

Trust Allah and be patient , everything will be pkay in the end inshaaALLAH …

Islamic Daily: Smile! It's Sunnah! | Hashtag Hijab © www.hashtaghijab.com

It's sunnah & Amal jariah. It does not cost you a thing. When you smile, is like the sun ray brighten anyone day

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Sometimes I wish I lived in a warm Muslim country where I could hear the Adthan whilst at school or elsewhere and see everyone rushing to prostrate to our creator with no fear of war😞