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Mychel Saputra
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Pure vs Dark Tung Oil

A beautiful at a glance guide to the various wood grains and finishes available for acoustic guitars: Pure vs Dark Tung Oil.

Podpad: | Community Post: 15 Incredibly Satisfying Space-Saving Furniture Designs

Podpad is a wall mounted desk & storage unit, a space saver. It's a workspace that holds your laptop, mail & desk junk plus it also houses a built-in sound system & charging station.

clock chain

"Fat Gear" wall clock is a true beauty to anyone that enjoys upcycled designs. Created from original American motorcycle parts, graced by original patina, this wall clock looks just stunning. The heavy primary chain holds a thermometer.

"Do not let the hatred of a people prevent you from being just. Be just, that is nearer righteousness.