Mini-world made with tiny toys and food

Mini-world made with tiny toys and food

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crossconnectmag: “ Miniature Calendar It’s near been 2 years since we first invited you to watch the miniature world, Tatsuya Tanaka. He is Japanese artist who creates the miniature diorama for the.

Playing with food is not just for kids any more, as Brazilian artist William Kass proves with his imaginative “Minimize – Food” photo series.

Tiny People’s Big Adventures In A World Of Food by William Kass

For more awesome miniature food art, check out Minimiam, a similar project featuring tiny food adventurers.

Little People Project

Little People Project

Amazing art portraying the lives of tiny people

photojojo: “We’ve seen plenty of photo series with miniature figures in creative dioramas, but photographer William Kass is bringing the form to tasty new heights. For his Minimize series, Kass.

Nel 2006 a Londra cominciò l’avventura di un artista britannico tra i più originali del nostro tempo: Slinkachu. Il suo “Little People Project” in pochi an

La street art in miniatura di Slinkachu

The Unbelievable 4-Year-Long Miniature Diorama Project  #sharkweek #miniature #miniaturecalender #diorama #foodart #tiny

Bigger doesn't always mean better, as Japanese artist Tatsuya Tanaka proves with these tiny dioramas that he makes for his ongoing Miniature Calendar project.

Tic tac

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