kereeen bulu matanya ....Bluejay

Bluejay Makeup Tutorial

Bluejay by bitterstarlite on Makeup Geek: Love this, because it almost looks like raven feathers.super for Halloween, or rave, or MOCKINGJAY

HighNeSS… | By Such and Such

"Hybrid from “Highness” project by hairstylist Joanne Petit Frere & photographer Delphine Diaw Diallo,


What a lovely way to wear the hijab! She looks positively angelic & at the very least, like modesty epitomized!

Renaissance hairdo, but this style also makes me think of renditions of Helen of Troy.

Renaissance hair [does "Renaissance" refer to the historical era, or a "Renaissance Festival"? A fair has costumes & hairstyles from medieval to Elizabethan; Crusades to Celtic, etc.