Kue Ape - Kue Cucur

Thin crust wheat flour batter pancake with thicker part on the middle, coloquially called kue tetek (breast cake).

Kue Bugis

[Indonesian] Kue Bugis - steamed glutinous rice cake filled with shredded coconut & brown sugar

Kue cubit

Pinch pancake or known as Kue cubit in Indonesia. Named as such because of its tiny size and you almost need to "pinch" it to pick it up and eat it. Soft and chewy.

Kue Tape-keju  Fermented cassava cake

The desire to bake this cake is all sets in mind long time back, since I have particular ingredients to go for so I had to hold up a l.

Just Try & Taste: Nagasari si Kue Pisang

Aku pengen ini, kue nogosari, dalamnya pisang yang dibalut tepung beras apa yaa :v Just Try & Taste: Nagasari si Kue Pisang