Bali (Indonesia) - Batik dell’Albero della vita (scan from diapo)

so organic => Bali (Indonesia) - Batik dell’Albero della vita (scan from diapo)

Walter Spies painting Bali

Walter Spies (German) painting Bali- Spies regarded as highly important as synergised Hindu-Javanese Kemasan, stylised Balinese plant renderings and Ubud style painting with Western perspective and romantic landscape.

Willem Gerard Hofker Indonesian art

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Our auction of the and of June 2012 contains a nice collection of Indonesian paintings and Chinese ceramics bought and owned by D.

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Willem Gerard Hofker aquarel 'Ni-Tjawan' met een kroon van bloemen, richtprijs € Ni Tjawan is the name of the model and you can see the words "Bali, Denpasar" on the right of the work.