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a sculpture made out of wood sitting on top of a table
Wood Sculpture #2 - Modular Design
an origami sculpture made out of white and gold paper
Dna design için 35 fikir | dna, yapı statiği, bilim sınıfı
two different views of an architectural model
0009 НМЕТ АI1 курс раб 2
many different sculptures made out of white paper
several stacks of cardboard stacked on top of each other in the middle of a room
a white table topped with lots of wooden structures on top of cement ground next to a fence
the model is made out of cardboard and paper
Mass and void : The composition
an artistic sculpture made out of metal strips
six different angles of the same structure made out of white paper and wood sticks on top of each other
Nirmana Straw
three metal structures sitting side by side on a white surface
Polyoxometallate - Dowson structure