Wanna One '에너제틱(Energetic)' MV 촬영 현장 대. 공. 개! : 네이버 포스트

"You stole my heart, but i'll let you keep it" ♡WannaOne♡jisung daniel

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'Ceci' magazine released cuts from their photo shoot with Wanna One.The boy group went for a comfy casual look in 'K-Swiss' hoodies, t-shirts, sweatpa…

Energetic MV Filming Site Release (Wanna One)

Energetic Wanna One Park ji hoon lee dae hwi

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Mới 10 ngày tuổi, Wanna One đã xô đổ kỷ lục của đàn anh EXO - Ảnh

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Wanna One has been added to the lineup for 2017 Asia Artist Awards! On September an official source announced that Wanna One will be attending the 2017