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In Feng Shui the entry to your home or office is considered the “mouth of Chi,” where small adjustments can encourage new opportunities to flow into your life.

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Fountains are very popular in feng shui because they bring the energy of water, and water is an ancient feng shui symbol of abundance and prosperity.

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This is a great example of a Feng Shui garden design. It has the elements of earth and water, which are very important for the entrance of the home. It will bring great vibrations your way!

Naar eigen smaak in te delen

Wat origineel. De vakken zijn natuurlijk naar eigen smaak in te richten, rustig, druk, op kleur, op materiaalsoort, in iedere sfeer die je maar wenst. Vaste planten, gras/riet, bollen, mooie bloemen, hout, zitgedeelte met mooi kussen, kubusverlichting, enz. Het water vind ik persoonlijk geweldig erbij, brengt leven...

Your front door is one of the most important parts of your home from a Feng Shui perspective. It is your connection to the chi (life force energy), which ultimately is responsible for creating all the good things in your life – love, career success, money, health, etc

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Is the doorknob loose and wobbly or does the door stick? Loose doorknobs make it hard for the home’s occupants to get a handle on their lives. Stuck doors, especially the front door, are usually a reflection that areas of your life are stuck. Purchase new door nobs if needed and realign the front door so it does not stick. This often is not simple to accomplish. However it is crucial to fix a front door that sticks and will be well worth it for the shift that will occur in your life.

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Do you have a long straight side walk that leads to your front door? If so, this creates a poison arrow aimed right at your front door. An excellent way to cure this problem is to add plants in a staggered fashion on both sides of the walk to create a curved effect.

Beautiful Doors

I love a beautiful and unique front (or back) door. It can add so much character and charm to a home. While I'm staying in and recuperating ...

Is there a welcome mat or welcome plaque that creates an inviting feeling? If not, add a mat that causes you to feel happy and uplifted.

Is there a welcome mat or welcome plaque that creates an inviting feeling? If not, add a mat that causes you to feel happy and uplifted.

Are there dead plants, leaves, overhanging bushes or empty flower pots at your front entrance? If so, clear the dead vegetation and clutter and add seasonal pots of plants to keep the energy fresh and energized all year long. Geraniums in the summer are especially good as they are red and call in chi.

Uplifting And Enhancing Your Life

Flower Garden Girl.With there large varierty of species, the colours, the fragrance and their appeareance are uplifting on even the darkest day

If the main entry is too close to the street, you may feel unsafe or you may get disturbed by the noise in the street. A fence, bush, tree, or even a screen door or screened window can do much to provide separation from the street. However, they should not inhibit the flow of Chi by blocking the entry.

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