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a small blue purse sitting on top of a wooden table next to a pair of scissors
two pieces of fabric with black and white designs on them
#sashiko #needlework #刺し子 #刺し子ふきん #一目刺し三菱
a blue rug with white stitchs on it and an arrow drawn in the middle
a close up of a blue piece of cloth with white stitching on it and a pair of scissors
a piece of cloth that has been stitched together and is sitting on a table
O Bordado Kugurisashi - A Técnica de Sashiko que Cativa ⋆ De Frente Para O Mar
the pattern is shown in blue and white
Star-Shaped and Shiny: An Embroidered Notebook
Ideas, Hand Embroidery, Boro, Kunst, Kantha
a piece of paper with a red design on it sitting on top of a table
Semamori stitching...
two napkins with origami birds on them, one is white and the other has black ink
Sashiko, un bordado diferente / Sashiko, a different embroidery
an image of a red flower with japanese writing on it
a piece of paper with red thread on it
Semamori stitching...