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a diagram showing the different types of tensions
Structure of Bone and Implant Materials (all content)
Tension and Compression structures
the back side of a knitted blanket with green and pink waves
Missoni NorthAmerica Missoni Online Shop | Official Website
yellow and white woven material with small squares on it's surface, close up
BIOMIMICRY-Termites Nest
BIOMIMICRY-Bee's Hive Honeycomb
an intricately designed metal object on a white background with clippings to the side
two seashells are laying on the ground next to each other and one is curled up
Tinctory - Le Divan Fumoir Bohémien
Tinctory or the art of holding together in a small form of a few centimeters, with thread and fabric
a close up view of a large flower made out of paper
Textile art: felt fabric manipulation - sculptural textiles design by Anne Kyyro Quinn
1950s Ball Gown Couture, Dresses, Ball Gowns, Style Année 20, Mode Vintage, Vintage Couture, Vintage Gowns, Vintage Dresses, 1920s Fashion
1920s Flounced Ball Gown
1950s Ball Gown
a pink and purple dress with large ruffles on it's back side
3D Textiles surface design using fabric to create dimensional structures inspired by sea life; creative fabric manipulation // Asta Masiulyte #textiles
two pictures one in black and white, the other in grey with an intricate back design
The evolution of an inspiration. biomematics back detial felt fabric manipulation Chana Weinberg
Fabric Manipulation ideas?
new-eyes-open (re)designs
Fabric Manipulation ideas?
Biomematics nature back fabric manipulation Chana Weinberg 2013 Clothing, Costume Design, Moda, Costume, Body Adornment, Fashion Fabric, Costura
Biomematics nature back fabric manipulation Chana Weinberg 2013