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Умелые ручки

Запахивающийся жакет с бахромой ... ♥ Deniz ♥

Вязание жакет,кардиган.пиджак лето

This is a perfect cardigan for a Foofaraw Shawlstick. Replace the button with a shawlstick for a unique look.

Krikor Jabotian couture 2015

Spring 2015 Couture Krikor Jabotian jαɢlαdy // Beautiful cut -> although I would very much prefer a different fabric and color.

Green Plain Long Sleeve Casual Mini Dress

Green Plain Long Sleeve Casual Mini Dress This is really cute and comfy looking. I'd pair it with brown tights and booties.

This is an understated little feature to jazz up the end of a plain sleeve.  It's mainly decorative rather...

simple buttoned cuff (Handmade by Carolyn)

Handmade by Carolyn: simple buttoned cuff. I want to make this shirt with these cuffs, great tutorial.