Crochet Button Flowers - Chart ❥ 4U hilariafina

Crochet button flowers diagram (chart o pattern). You can make this flowers with 2 and 4 holes buttons!

flores de feltro Más

Handmade Felt Flower, 9 pcs, embellishments, Felt Applique on Etsy

#Button #Animal #Arts!!!

Button Animal Arts!!!

Exploring different materials to create visual art. Can use other objects such as beads, shells, cork pieces, gemstones etc.

decorando perfil de gato en botones Más - My Crafts Your Crafts

Cat button art you could just print off a template of a cat, cut it out and stick buttons/rhinestones/ANYTHING inside of it

Олег Вотинцев- Мужской портной

Олег Вотинцев- Мужской портной

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