Turban tutorial- I recommend it with an under-scarf and another scarf draped around the neck

Tutorial turban from ayu aryuli, get a simple turban for your daily style

Square shawl hijab tutorial.

Square shawl hijab tutorial.

Silk Charmeuse Tichel Wild Rose Hair Snood Head by AdorabellaBaby

Silk Charmeuse Tichel, Wild Rose Hair Snood, Head Covering Scarf Bandana, Chemo Wrap, Sinar or Apron Tichel, Jewish Head covering

New beautiful hijab tutorial

This is a simple and very easy hijab tutorial anyone can create, it requires a maxi hijab, a safety pin and a straght pin (you can use an underscarf if you want to), the extra volume can be created simple…

This is a very easy and basic hijab tutorial you can wear everyday for work, school or your casual days, it can be made in only 4 steps and barely 2 minutes Place the scarf on your head with…

Simple hijab tutorial (no pins needed)

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