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Say Alhamdulilah for the things that you have in your life many people in this Dunya dont have the things that you have in your life !

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Beautiful Quran Quotes for daily reminder and motivation. Come with visually-compelling pictures. Uplift Your Spirit. Strengthen Your Iman.

So so true it's just a shame some people do not realise or acknowledge this and feel that they alone are enough when that is so far from the truth..

Oh Allah, please always be with me and return those who are dear to my heart…

Surat Al Baqara - “For indeed I am near” فإني قريب أجيب دعوة الداع إذا دعانِ

The Mighty Lord said "Fa enni qareeb" which means "I am near to whom praying & asking me"

See the bad inside yourself, and see the good inside others. -Imam Ali (a.s)//my master Ali peace be upon him