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a white statue sitting on top of a table next to a candle and an angel figurine
Lladro Beautiful Angel Table Lamp
Sculpture workshop
The shape of future products is born gradually. Step by step. Each stage of sculpting is a careful study of plasticity and volume.
a sculpture of a woman sitting on top of a white block
Beautiful Bizarre Magazine
a statue of a woman with her arms up and hands behind her head, in black and white
Morning, Qi Sheng Luo
a white statue with a bag on it's back
two hands that are made out of clay
Bruce Nauman
Fifteen Pairs of Hands by Bruce Nauman (1996).
a person's hand making the v sign with their fingers
Sculptures | SCULPTURE PORTFOLIO: HyperReal PAGE 1. « Judes Blog
two men are performing an acrobatic dance in front of a gray background
a sculpture of a man standing on top of a wooden pole with his arms in the air
three different views of the same statue, each with an individual's body on it
Mark Newman #sculpture