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girls'generation performing on stage at an event
black and white photograph of a man playing guitar on stage with his arms in the air
Pierce the Veil - Vic Fuentes
a bird is perched on the roof of a house that has been torn down by wind
Collide with the sky - Pierce the Veil
an old record with the word time on it
a woman with her hand on her lip and wearing a polka dot shirt, leaning against a wall
a large group of people at a concert with balls in the air and lights above them
Music Of the Spheres
Pop, Idol, Song Min-gi, Kpop Guys, Kpop, Winsome
· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ Mingi ATEEZ
a young man in a black suit with his hand on his chin and wearing a ring
a man with sunglasses on his face is wearing a jacket and chain around his neck
★ mingi
an old television with the band members on it's screen in front of a dark background
a young man with blonde hair and piercings