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Bali, offering

Flower offerings on a Balinese statue in Ubud. Bali is a predominantly Hindu island within Indonesia and they have developed their own unique art style.

Chandi Plaosan Temple Guardian - Prambanan - One of the giant guardians (Dwarapala) guarding the front of Candi Plaosan, a ninth century Buddhist temple in Klaten, Central Java

TouristLink features 5 photos of Explore Java - Ancient Temples and Inspiring Volcanoes 7 Days. Pictures are of Riding Up The Volcano, Mount Bromo and 3 more. See pictures of Explore Java - Ancient Temples

Hundertwasser-House in Plochingen, Germany. The center building is called the "Regenturm" (the raintower). By Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

The Hundertwasser-House in Plochingen/Germany. The design of the building complex was inspired by the art of Friedensreich Hundertwasser. This particular piece in the center is called the "Regenturm" (the raintower).

Java, Indonesia by Jorge De La Torriente

Java, Indonesia by Jorge De La Torriente :: what you are looking right now is Borobudur Tample located in Magelang, my city. It was built by Syailendra Dynasty of Mataram Kingdom hundreds years ago