Java, ca 1910

Antique and Classic Photographic Images. Java, Dutch India (Indies), ca 1910 (Actors).

U.S. soldier with a German panzerschreck and a U.S. bazooka (Normandy, France - June 1944)

Raketenpanzerbüchse 54 "Panzerschreck" and "Bazooka" The Panzerschreck was an effective weapon. Allied bazookas had problems with newer up-. Panzerschreck comparison with Bazooka

Indonesia, Java ~ Dutch East Indies

Dutch East Indies Pinned from Machteld Klaren's Board

Sukarno & Elvis Presley on 'Blue Hawaii' Set

In this picture we see Hal Wallis, Indonesia's first President Kusno Soekarno to Elvis Presley Joan Blackman. Soekarno met Elvis in Hawaii while en route to the US to visit President John Kennedy.

Dewi Soekarno

Former First Lady of Indonesia, Dewi Soekarno, in traditional Indonesian clothing

Membuat Rumah Dengan Desain Rumah Jawa

Membuat Rumah Dengan Desain Rumah Jawa