She's beautiful ! -- La Chanelia 2.0 Abaya in Mauvewood Pink | FashionValet

La Chanelia Abaya in Mauvewood Pink nursing friendly

Elegant black...want this one

want thi s one

hijab, hootd, and muslim image

A woman shows her pride for being a Muslim woman by wearing the hijab and a dress with important locations for Muslims (Jannah is heaven).

for pregnant

I love simple maxi dresses like this.

Comfirtable hijab

This looks super Comfortable abaya

Tencel Amina Abaya- perfect and lightweight Islamic Dress from SHUKR

SHUKR's long dresses and abayas are the ultimate in Islamic fashion.

Khimar Sayyidah

Khimar Sayyidah



Aab UK Cannella Abaya : Standard view

Aab UK Cannella Abaya : Standard view

Such a Gorgeous look from Shukr Islamic Clothing- The Lace Gown. Great as an #abaya

Must check out the new stylish black abaya designs 2018 for girls. New black abaya designs comes in beautiful patterns that will make you look sober.

Linen Dress- Perfect for Summer. Adila from

Adila Linen Maxi Dress

Sederhanan but still styling

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SHUKR USA | Leah Shirt Abaya

Islamic Clothing for Men, Women and Accessories by SHUKR International

I'm just a sucker for coats

Nasirah Woolen Coat

Love this coat! Want this coat!

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