Tree House Doll's House

Tree House Doll's House

"Tree House Doll House" A tree house made from off cuts and hot glue - still going strong a year later


fresh coconuts Blue (also lighter shade) for living/hallway, green or yellow for dining and/or kitchen.

gray yellow blue palette

Navy, Yellow, and Gray Palette (Maybe some Sage Green in there if you're feeling risky)

DIY Hidroponic garden

Hydroponic System: Wondering, how does hydroponics work? We'll tell you. You can view the best systems available and even learn home made hydroponics.

This is the first high intensity vertical hydroponic system of its kind  installed in a zoo anywhere in the world

Vertical hydroponics take the ingenuity of skyscrapers and raises gardens into multiple stories much like apartments.

Bright Farms: "If you put a tomato on a truck starting in Mexico and it bounces all the way to Chicago, that's about the worst thing you can do to a tomato."  "In most supermarkets across the country, 'local' is a hugely successful strategy in the marketing departments, but isn't getting any traction in the produce department." -- Paul Lightfoot (radio interview)

Hydroponic Farming Tips - FREE Tips, Tutorials , Information & Resouces To Help You Easily & Quickly Start Up Your Own Hydroponics Farming System

Great example of a vertical hanging planter.

Rain Gutter Planter Wall-this is cool. Don't really have any place in mind but maybe a future garden. Like possibility if creating privacy as a wall.

Forraje Verde Hidroponico #hidroponics #farmers

Forraje Verde Hidropónico