Don't feel like replacing the back of your cracked iPhone? Use highlighters to give it a rainbow effect!

iPhone Quick Tip: Add Color to Make Your Broken Rear Glass Panel Look… Less Broke

Got a broken ugly phone? Color cracked iphone with highlighter. It will stay in the cracks but will wipe off any of the un-cracked surface.

search engines for students and teachers

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 60 Seconds Guide to Students Effective Search Techniques

Google Now Makes It Easier to Search for Licensed Images ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Free resource of educational web tools, century skills, tips and tutorials on how teachers and students integrate technology into education

50+ Best Android Apps You’ll Ever Need  #Android #Apps #2013

There's something about the release of a new mobile operating system version that just gets the tech world whipped up into a frenzy, and often with good.

Is Android fragmentation over with Jelly Bean's rise? Nope. Read about their domination:

Is Android fragmentation over with Jelly Bean's rise? Nope

InstaFlow lets you explore Instagram photos in an intuitive, diverting and innovative way, using stacks of photos you can infinitely expand with a tap or shrink down with a pinch.

Connecting to the iTunes Store.

UPS and FedEx Researching Delivery Drones That Could Compete With Amazon - Supply Chain 24/7

I would be shocked if a companies like UPS and FedEx aren't considering this,

HOW TO: Sync Facebook Contacts with Android ?

HOW TO: Sync Facebook Contacts with Android ?