The Beautiful Minang

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Gadang Clock Bukit Tinggi, west Sumatra, Indonesia

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Singkarak Lake, Solok, West Sumatra

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Malam bainai is a tradition performed by Indonesian women to draw their nails, hands or legs using daun pacar (Lawsonia Enermis leaf). It's one of many wedding rituals in Minangkabau.

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"Tari Piring" ,traditional dance from Minangkabau,West Sumatra

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Ngarai Sianok, West Sumatra

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Lembah Harau, West Sumatra

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Wearing traditional Minang [or Minangkabau] costumes, these girls are waiting for their turn to perform in a carnival. Women control every aspect of family life among the community. Minang ethnic group originates from the part of west coast of Indonesia's third largest island -- Sumatra.

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Minang (Padang) Bride

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Payung Dance, West Sumatra

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Tari Lilin, Indonesian traditional dance from West Sumatra, Indonesia.

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