Third Grade Finds

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the first day of school is here and it's great to have some fun
How to Make First Day of School Flags - amanda party + home
the perfect summer book list for 3rd grade students
The Perfect Summer Book List For 3rd Graders - The Brilliant Homeschool
The Perfect Summer Book List For 3rd Graders - The Relaxed Homeschool
a close up of a paper with writing on it
Five Ways to Use Storyworks for Test Prep
a christmas card with the words making parents christmas gifts in the classroom written on it
The Best Christmas Gift for Parents | Elementary
two books with writing on them sitting next to each other, one has a spider web and the other has golden snitch crunch
10 Book Report Ideas That Kids Will Love - Appletastic Learning
a white board with writing on it that says, what is one thing that happened this week? really good
Goldilocks and the Russian Dolls
the end of the day challenge for kids to help them learn how to read and write
Teaching with Hope: End the Chaos and 'ZEN' The End of Your Day!