Ahmad Ghazali Rahmadani

Ahmad Ghazali Rahmadani

Ahmad Ghazali Rahmadani
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LULL lighting system - very cool

Lamps and lights are indispensable items of any room or house or office. Lamps and lights are used very commonly to lighten up the darker corners of the rooms and also to add atmospheric lightning to your living room.

Plasma nightlight

Light up your bedroom at night with Science™! Creating a beautiful show of pink and purple lightning, these plasma bulb night lights are mini versions of .

Snow leopard

A beautiful shade of blue in this snow leopard's eye, but it's almost certainly been added to the image using photo editing software. These big cats don't come in this color.

Pixie-Cup Lichen (Cladonia Fimbriata) ~ love it

Pixie-Cup Lichen (Cladonia Fimbriata) ~ John W. Pixie-cup grows on moss and I am guessing the relationship here is with Chorisodontium aciphyllum?