Vertical vegetable gardens

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a glass jar filled with lots of white papers on top of a green tablecloth
Saving & Storing Garden Seeds for Next Season
Saving & Storing Garden Seeds for Next Season – Mary's Heirloom Seeds
oranges are hanging from the ceiling in a greenhouse
Vertical Gardening Ideas
Pumpkins need full sun and space to grow. So if space is tight at your place consider growing it on a sturdy terrace or roof. This trellis also has nets to hold the fruit as the vines aren't strong enough to support the weight of the fruit. Via The Little Vegie Patch Co.
several different types of vegetables growing on a trellis in a garden, including tomatoes and cucumbers
Beste 5 Gartenarbeit für Anfänger einfache Möglichkeit Gemüsegarten # Gär
an outdoor stair made out of wooden planks and brick steps with text overlay reading diy vertical planter garden
DIY-Vertical Gardening Ideas
Here you can see a stand that is looking like a staircase, but in the next part of the picture you can see that how in different storey’s the plant has been placed. The plant pots have been placed easily on each step, place the pots and the fill them with flowers or plants.
a drawing of a vegetable garden with plants growing out of the ground and roots in the soil
Hochbeet befüllen: So wird’s gemacht
Ein Hochbeet wird mit vier unterschiedlichen Schichten gefüllt, die wichtig sind, um optimale Ernteerträge zu erzeugen.